Recap on all the shooting that happened in 2018 | Natalia Leite
Recap on all the shooting that happened in 2018

Sharing a few pics of my travels shooting around the world for different projects. 2018 was a big year for commercial directing. It was a whirlwind flying from India to NY to Vancouver to LA to Saudi Arabia….bananas! I got to join the DGA this year (health insurance yay!) and work on budgets 1000x bigger than I had on my features. I learned so much about communicating with crew from different cultural backgrounds (some that barely spoke English) and the experience of filming other parts of the world was moving and eye-opening.

Vancouver crew is the best

Directing in Saudi Arabia

Here I am location scouting in Jeddah…

My producer Oualid, who also had to act as my husband in Saudi.

Working with DP Norm Li in Vancouver.

This one is from the Vans shoot in India. Shooting in a crowded market with DP Kevin Fletcher.