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Come here me talk about the films and ridiculous moments that lead me to my career today. Like that time I rode a horse into a strip club for a Vice shoot…

Lecturing at NYU on Thursday (11/16) at 5:30pm.  34 Stuyvesant St, Einstein Auditorium. Open to the public.


I shared everything I learned while directing the rape scenes in M.F.A. with MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE. Here’s an excerpt:

Read about it here: https://www.moviemaker.com/archives/series/how_they_did_it/how-they-did-it-mfa-rape-scene/

Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, and many more positive reviews for M.F.A.






Super excited to announce that M.F.A. premiered in theaters across 14 cities in the U.S. on October 13th. It’s now available on VOD/itunes/Amazon and DVD/Blu-Ray. More about the movie and how to watch it here: www.mfamovie.com

A few photos from our premiere party at The London Hotel in West Hollywood:

Friday Aug 4th – I’ll be presenting “Blue Velvet” at the RUBIN MUSEUM

Come hear me ramble about how much I love David Lynch and his gem of a movie “Blue Velvet.” The RUBIN MUSEUM invited me to pick and present a film this Friday. I see this as an odd coming-of-age story, about getting in touch with your dark side and your deeper desires, about sex as horror, about the underbelly of America — told through the beautiful surrealist vision that only David Lynch could imagine.

Get tickets here: http://rubinmuseum.org/events/event/sound-blue-velvet-08-04-2017

M.F.A. reviews rolling in

It’s been a four months since I premiered my feature “M.F.A” at SXSW and already so much has happened. We sold the film to multiple territories and to MPI for a theatrical domestic distribution which will happen mid-October. The film has played in festivals in Montreal, Ireland, New York, Oregon, and will soon play at Sitges in Spain. The Overlook Film Festival which takes place at the same hotel where The Shinning was shot was incredible and I met so many wonderful people who love the horror/thriller genre as much as I do.

Super excited for the film’s release in the fall. I’ll be posting invite to events and panels soon! xxo

Feature Film “MFA” premiering at SXSW in Narrative Competition!

Super excited to be premiering my second feature film “MFA” at SXSW this week! We are playing at the Stateside Theater on MONDAY, March 13th, at 4:15p, and two other screenings on Tuesday & Wednesday this week. If you are in Austin, please come see it!

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That’s a wrap!

Last week I finished directing my second feature film. Still recovering from an epic shoot. Got to work with these mega talented women Francesca Eastwood and Leah Mckendrick. Can’t wait to share the film with you!


The film was created in response to the prevalence of rape crimes on college campuses and is centered around one girl who decides to do something about it.


Sadly, we live in a world where the vast majority of sexual assaults go unreported and rapists are not justly penalized for their crimes. While making this movie, I came across so many women who opened up about their own experience and saw how painful and scary it can be to speak up when we don’t feel supported or even heard. We need to be able to talk about rape without shame in order to change the system and the ways in which we deal with sexual assault crimes. You are not alone.


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Featured in Hooligan Magazine this month




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Speaking at Montclair University – Sept 27th

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