So much fun shooting and premiering my latest short film with this incredible cast of queer Latinx misfits. With the help of casting director Arlie Day, we reached out to the Latinx trans community in LA to cast our leads. We ended up finding Cielo Oscuro, artist and performer, to play the role of Kiki, with supporting roles from Quinn Diaz and Caroh Lemus. Neither of them had acted before but they all delivered amazing performances and were joined by actors Sara Anne and Fenessa Pineda to form the MXfits crew.

The film tells the story of a group of high school friends as they grapple with their queer identities and their placement as outsiders in the school’s social pyramid. When Kiki, a trans member of the squad, gets thrown in detention for using the girl’s bathroom, the crew ignites a rebellion that places them in the spotlight and inspires a movement.

This short film was funded by CONDE NAST and produced by TOPPLE, Jill Soloway’s production company, for the initiative 5050by2020.

WATCH HERE–> Kiki and the Mxfits

At the premiere with producers Kella Birch, Andrea Sperling, Zackary Drucker, filmmaker Chelsea Woods, and Jill Soloway.